Tarzan of the Apes

Performed April 26-28, 2007

Wakefield Theatre Company presents Tarzan of the Apes

Written by David Overton
Directed by Paul A. Orsett

The photos below were taken during two performances: the Saturday matinee where the role of Jane was played by Morgan Earp and the Saturday evening performance, where the role of Jane was played by Cara Donnelly. In addition, between these two sets of photos are group photos of cast and crew members. At the very bottom are photos of the presentation that was made after the evening performance.

Scroll down below the photos to see the cast and crew of the show.

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John Clayton III, Lord Greystoke: Chris Raddatz
John Clayton IV, Lord Greystoke: Mikey Zoppo
Lady Alice Rutherford: Morgan Earp
Miss Jane Porter: Cara Donnelly, Morgan Earp (Saturday Matinee)
Professor Archimedes Q. Porter: Dustin Doing
Esmeralda: Renee McDonald
Samuel T. Philander: Danny Bogue
William Cecil Candor: James Miller
Lieutenant D”Arnot: Mike Delaney
Kulonga: Justin Brandenburg
Other Tribesmen: Grayson Bedolli, John Dzera, Joshua Vines
Sabor: Andie Smidler
Narration: J. Michael Beech
Kerchak: Alex McVey
Kala: Tara Williams
Tublat: Sean Warren
Bulgani: Matt Fields
Enemy Ape Tribe/Carriers: Will Brewter, Steven Christos, Jimmy Feely, Dan Smidler
Gunto: Ryan Brown
Thaka: Mike Hopkins
Apes in the Forest: Abby Crain, Amy Ross, Angela Raiford, Arielle Reed, Christina McElvaney, Melissa Vega
Young Tarzan: John Molloy
Tarzan: Mikey Zoppo

Production Staff

Director / Scenic Designer / Choreography: Paul A Orsett
Producer: Wakefield Theatre Company
Lighting Operator: Allison Steinaur
Lighting Assistant: Andrew Barnes
Costumes: Ms. Karen Williams, Mrs. Cindy Smidler, Tara Williams
Properties: Mike Daly
Stage Manager: Raven Duncan
Assistant Stage Manager: Lawson Bennett
House Manager: Gary Gatling, II
Box Office: Brett Williams
Running Crew: Raven Duncan, Brooke Beall, Lawson Bennett, Mike Daly, Trinh Le, Chris McMahon
Makeup Crew: Carrie DaCunto (Chief), Mariah Ross (Co-Chief), Elizabeth Huegel (Co-Chief), Amanda Kouri, Chelsea Krick, Lauren Neely, Kalas Pendergraft, Chelsea Pfeiffer
Set Construction Crew: Will Brewster, Hope Cadden, Rick Campana, Stephanie Flynt, Kelly Nevling, Lamar Saunders, Jack Schaffer, Andie Smidler, Emmy Weldon, Mikey Zuppo

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