The Women

Performed March 27-29, 2008

Directed by J. Michael Beech

Scroll down below the photos to see the cast and crew of the show.

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Jane / Ensemble: Hannah Murphy
Nancy: Elizabeth Huegel
Peggy: Danica Barfoot
Sylvia: Brett Williams
Edith: Renee McDonald
Mary: Chelsea Krick
Mrs. Wagstaff / 3rd Saleswoman / Dowager: Alysa Moss
Miss Fordyce / Model: Jenna Murray
Olga / Debutante: Rhiannon Brandwein
Maggie / Sadie: Angelique Armstrong
Mrs. Morehead: Mariah Ross
Crystal Allen: Alyssa Rosenberg
Instructress / Ensemble: Candice Medeiros
Miss Trimmerback / Cigarettes: Amanda Kouri
Miss Watts / Ensemble: Gabrielle Vizcaino
Lucy / Ensemble: Amy Ross
Countess De Lage: Desiree Ferrell
Mud Mask / Miriam: Kalas Pendergraft
Euphie / Nurse / Ensemble: Arielle Reed
Little Mary: Amanda Dacunto
Princess Tamara / Girl in Distress: Chelsea Pfeiffer
Helene / 2nd Model: Kelcey Fleagle
1st Saleswoman / Ensemble: Trinh Le
1st Girl (Shop) / 2nd Girl (Club): Christina McElvaney
2nd Girl (Shop) / 1st Girl (Club): Donielle Fonville
2nd Saleswoman / 1st Woman: Melissa Bostic
Pedicurist / Ensemble: Kaitlin Jacobs
1st Hairdresser / 2nd Woman: Brianna Bogue
2nd Hairdresser / Ensemble: Amy Dolce
Fitter / Ensemble: Alisha Moore

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