Brothers II: A Roamin’ Comedy

Performed October 9-11, 2008

Directed by J. Michael Beech.

Based on the play The Brothers Menaechmus by Plautus
Adapted and Directed by J Michael Beech

A married gentleman named Menaechmus arranged to have a feast at the home of his dazzling mistress Erotium. While preparations are in progress, he strolls off to the forum. Suddenly, his long-lost twin brother–also named Menaechmus–arrives. After a crescendo of comic confusions, identities are finally unscrambled, and the brothers are reunited. The play inspired Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors, which in turn inspired Rodgers and Hart’s Boys from Syracus.

Scroll down below the photos to see the cast and crew of the show.

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Menaechmus: Blake Carpenter
Sosicles: Logan Ritchey
Peniculus: Kelsey Walston
Messenio: Daniel Zulkowski
Erotium: Anna Morgan
Wife: Laura Cashwell
Father: Chiemeka Ezie
Spatula: Kayla Sawyer
Maid: Kelcey Fleagle
Doctor: Aaron Sellek
Harlots: Brittany Booth, Laura Johnson, Marissa Kern, Donna Nguyen
Slaves: Paul Gibson, Andrew Hart, Aaron Sellek, David Roman
Townspeople: Nora McPeak, Yasemine Cole, Melissa Fredrichsdorf

Production Staff

Director/Sound Design: J. Michael Beech
Producer: Wakefield Theatre Company
Technical Director/Lighting: Ms. Jennifer Buelin
Artistic/Managing Director: Mr. Paul A. Orsett
Stage Manager: Brianna Bogue
Assistant Stage Managers: Stephanie Drummond, Lexi Myers
Costumes: Ms. Karen Williams, Mrs. Cindy Smidler
Properties: Lexi Myers
House Manager: Drew Driscoll
Set Construction: Lawson Bennett, Brianna Bogue, Drew Driscoll, Gary Gatling II, Lexi Myers, Dan Smidler, Brett Williams, ITS Membership, Cast Members
Lighting Operator: Matt Walker
Sound Operator: Kyle Twiss
Make-up: Mrs. Carrie Dacunto, Brooke Beall, Mike Daly, Josh Vines
Artwork Cover Design: DJ Curtis

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