Almost Maine

Performed March 7-9, 2013

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In order of appearance

  • Pete: Alex Eaton
  • Ginette: Linsey Schmid
  • East: James Risolio
  • Glory: Rachel Horowitz
  • Jimmy: Alex Eaton
  • Sandrine: Abby Meaux
  • Waitress: Linsey Schmid
  • Marvalyn: Amanda Hubert
  • Steve: James Risolio
  • Gayle: Julianne Castillo
  • Lendall: Nhat Tran
  • Phil: Casey Amed
  • Marci: Oniyeche’ Nelson
  • Hope: Julianne Castillo
  • Man: James Risolio
  • Rhonda: Elizabeth Fleming
  • Dave: Nhat Tran

Production team

  • Director: Paul A. Orsett
  • Audio/Lighting Design: Stevan Dupor
  • Costumes: Karen Williams
  • Technical Director: Stevan Dupor
  • Stage Managers: Charlotte Driscoll, Cody Keech
  • Sound Operators: Nathaniel McCain, Jade Maika
  • Light Operator: Spencer Hart, Gurpreet Kaur
  • Shift Crew: Jenny Dao, Kyle Yeomans

Tech Work: Sarah Brauer, Christopher Brown, Justice Lawrence, Tyler McCall, Alexandria Miller, Xavier Milton, Kaila Sammons, Isabelle Visocan, Tanner Henderson, Shelby Barros, Julianne Castillo, Jessica Christopher, Emily DeMaio Newton, Charlotte Driscoll, Austin Dubose, Alex Eaton, Alexis Feely, Elizabeth Fleming, Lauren Goodacre, McKinzie Gorman, Anthony Guidi, Megan Hallman, Spencer Hart, Teddy Haseltine, Rachel Horowitz, Kendra Job, Nathaniel McCain, Abigail, Meaux, Oniyeche’ Nelson, Lauren Ossler, Lovell Reed, James Risolio, Linsey Schmid, Anna Timmerman and Nhat Tran

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