Some Show (Maroon Cast)

Performed April 25-27, 2013

The low budget Cable duo “Nickie and Ricky Rivers” is taping a live broadcast in your town. One of the guests is murdered during the program. Can Nickie and Ricky solve the murder on the air and boost their ratings? Must the Show go on?

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Production team

  • Director: Paul A. Orsett
  • Audio/Lighting Design: Stevan Dupor
  • Technical Director: Stevan Dupor
  • Costumes: Karen Williams
  • Stage Managers: Gurpreet Kaur and Linsey Schmid
  • Light Operator: Spencer Hart
  • Sound Operators: Alex Eaton, Nathaniel McCain
  • Audio/Lighting Assistant: Sarah Almond

Maroon Cast

  • Ricky Rivers: Cody Keech
  • Nickie Rivers: Angeline Bryant
  • Shecky Scagnetti: Kyle Yeomans
  • Edie Buffet: Charlotte Driscoll
  • Pheobe St. Self: Shelby Barros
  • Gordon Bennet: Mark Wright
  • Celeste Ethereal: Jessie Christopher
  • Candy Kahfka: Carrey Hanrahan
  • Buzz Beckett: Isiah Lott
  • The Announcer: Emily Miller
  • Stagehand: Joshua Toback
  • Audience Warm Up: Michaela Rankin, Sienna Moysenko, Katriana VonWindheim

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