Miracle on 34th Street (Maroon Cast)

November 18-20, 2021

Adapted by Mountain Community theatre from the novel by Valentine Davies.
Based upon the Twentieth Century Fox motion picture Miracle on 34th Street.

Scroll down below the photos to see the cast and crew of the show.

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Maroon Cast

Photos from the Saturday Matinee

Dr. Pierce: Abigail Draper
Kris Kringle: Mason Reid
Bag Lady: Dakota Robbins
Rich Person: Lilian Topoll
Shellhammer (Toy Dept Head): Grace Harrington
Doris Walker: Genevieve Augustin
Susan Walker: Nora Wise
Fred Gayley: Sam Coury
Drunken Santa: Kees Keech
Mr. Macy: Drake Williams
Sawyer (Psyc): Anastasia Crosby
Bloomingdale (Gimble): Tucker Smith
Sylvia (Salesperson): Dakota Robbins
Judge Harper: Kelsie Ferrante
Finley (bailiff): Kees Keech
Mara (prosecuting Attorney): Elijah Shore
Halloran (political advisor): Millie Monahan
Duncan: Blaise LaCarter
Mara Jr. (Janet/James): Paige Reilly
Al(ice): Namar Ayala
Lou(ise): Maggie Miller
Newscaster (recorded): Kees Keech
Child 1: Paige Reilly
Sharon: Mia Jankowski
Johnny: Jayden Fontenot
Dutch Girl: Sophie Raftery
Megan: Helena Hetskowitz
Elves: Zoe Ruden, Sky Morgan, Ainsley Barlow, Nara Hamburger
Parent 1 (Sharon): Maggie Miller
Parent 2 (Johnny): Abigail Cochran
Parent 3 (Dutch Child): Namar Ayala
Parent 4 (Megan): Savannah Johnson
Pedestrian 1 (Act 2): Ben Sherman
Pedestrian 2 (Act 2): Adam Hardy
Pedestrian 3 (Act 2): Hayes Hemphill
Shoppers (Act 1): Abigail Cochran, Savannah Johnson, Tucker Smith, Adam Hardy, Rohama Gebremichael
Carolers (Act 1): Kelsie Ferrante, Elijah Shore, Patricia McCall, Millie Monahan, Ava Bonner
Gallery Players: Abigail Cochran, Savannah Johnson
Wait Staff: Hayes Hemphill
Restaurant Customers: Kelsie Ferrante & Randy McGrath, Patricia McCall & Ava Bonner
Photographers (Act 2): Dakota Robbins & Lillian Topoll
Reporters (Act 2): Tucker Smith & Adam Hardy
Mail Attendants: Nara Hamburger
Court Guard: Grace Harrington

Production Team

Director: Paul A. Orsett
Lighting/Scenic Designer: Paul A. Orsett
Costumer: Karen Williams
Stage Manager: Maria Hoppough
Assistant Stage Manager: Gus Korogi
Sound Operators: Gus Korogi, Spencer Nicholas
Lighting Operator: Marshall McCall
Props Master: Nayelie Ayla
Deck Crew: Maria Hoppough, Nic Cazin, Sophia Fisher, Genevieve Augustin, Mason Morgan, Edwin Steiner, Ali Levey, Ben Sherman, Drake Williams, Sam Coury, Jad Bruce, Tucker Smith

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